Sample Pack: Analog Kick Essentials Moog DFAM DRM-1 MFB Tanzbär Roland TR-606 808 909

Hi everyone
the Rapid Flow Analog Kick Drum Essentials Samples are out now!

The Drum Computers & Synthesizers you will find in the pack are: Moog DFAM // Vermona DRM-1 MKIV // MFB Tanzbär MKI // Roland TR-606 TR-808 TR-909. All these instruments have a special MOJO that I never heard in plugins… but it’s always challenging to get them to cut through, which is why the pack includes pre mixed samples!

These are some of the warmest AND punchiest kick drums I have heard and I’m a little proud of how the pack turned out :blush:

Here is a short updated demo video of the Sample Pack:

You can get them on

For the next 48 hours you can get it with a 50% discount for just €4.99. Head over to my Instagram and leave a follow and score your code.

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This is an Ableton Drum Rack but the samples can be used with any DAW. The WAV Files are included. I have included the Rapid Flow template at no extra cost as I realized, without it this Kit is only half the fun!

Here’s an in depth video explaining how these samples slot into the Rapid Flow Ableton Template:

Analogue Gear used
Line drivers: API, NEVE & SSL Colour Modules
Compressors: WES Audio Rhea Vari-Mu, UBK Kush Tweakers, Drawmer
EQ: Louder than Liftoff Chop Shop, Elektron Heat, Klark Teknik EQP-KT
Converters: Dangerous Music & Presonus Quantum
Have fun with the sample pack and the template!

PS: Non-processed samples are also included so mangle to your heart’s content!