Sample preview/load to RAM tips?

Still learning the ropes on my newish AR, but I do seem to remember reading about a tip to speed up loading samples from +Drive to RAM here a while back…

False memory syndrome or are there any? Would be lovely to be able to prevew and load to RAM without having to menu-dive quite so much.

It’s a massive time saver loading samples into the sample slots like this.

tried it quickly this morning - it’s great. exactly how it should work! or at least an option that should exist. shame you can’t use the pad to preview sounds when viewing the +drive, but that’s a minor concern.

cheers again for the tiplink!

when you’re in the +drive browsing for samples function + yes previews the sample.

Be careful doing it too quickly or quickly with similarly named samples. I’ve warped two projects to the point of being neither able to load or delete any samples from the RAM doing this. (Fool me once blah blah).