Sample Slice probability?


Im on the verge of buying the OT mkii but I really liked the fast workflow of the digitakt when I had it for a couple of days. The only big thing that was missing was the lack of sample slicing which is very odd because I think sample slicing is a very basic feature for a sampler.

I know nobody can predict the future but maybe i missed some info on future updates so is there a chance for slicing to be implemented in the future?



There are a few threads on this. Where we’re winding up is that the DT is a drum computer. Yeah… we all know it’s so much more as a sampler, but at the end of the day, the intent seems to be “one track, one sample hit”… I realize this is counter intuitive when you consider per-step sample slot locking… but that’s basically where we are. Yeah, it’s a sampler, but really, it’s a sample-based drum machine… I suppose.

The OT’s slicing is great! It’s one of the reasons I bought one after I got my head around the DT. I was in the same lane you’re in, and the OT is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in sample land.

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I’d love slice. It makes sampling other records more fun, but I’d settle for ZOOm. This would make p-locking the start point quicker & more precise to achieve the same effect as slicing.


+100000000 on this feature. It’s a must. If we dm don’t get slicing at least let us get zoom and transient detection so we can put p locks in different places on longer samples. It’s doable now, aka listen very carefully when scrolling through, but that ruins the immediacy of the box.

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I just bought a digitakt I couldn’t convince myself to buy a OT I don’t know but the „simple“ and straightforward workflow of the DT is very intriguing. I like restrictions and don’t want a daw in a box.