Sample Transfer Workflow To +drive

Ok new to the game and i’m not totally getting how you get a bunch of samples onto the +drive for access across projects.

Here is how i’m getting samples loaded into projects thusfar:

  1. Use transfer software to upload samples to DT
  2. I can find the transferred samples under the settings / samples menu / folder name
  3. From that menu I can load samples into a project for use

But now none of these samples show up in the +drive . What am I doing wrong? Is there another step to move the samples?

And why isn’t there a step by step guide (somebody should make a youtube for this) for this process? Or did I miss that part.

Thanks and sorry for any repeating questions here.


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Samples are not sounds. You have to load up the sample to a track and export the sound to the +drive to see it there. Sounds include all of the parameters, amp, src, filters etc. Download the full manual, theres a lot there that will start to make sense as you read through it. Hope it works out.


Ahh so that’s the step. Export the sample form the track to the +drive. Got it. Also just did it.

Now one other thing is there no bulk method to export every track(sound) in a pattern to the +drive ? You have to do each one at a time?
It says you can export a kit, maybe that’s what I should be doing —but I don’t know how.

Thanks and by the way I did read the manual front to back but it wasn’t clicking. Also just had a eureka moment thanks to you that the sound browser only displays exported sounds not everything in the +drive It’s all coming together now.

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Awesome. You can’t export a kit really in terms of seeing it on the +drive. It’s tied to the pattern. So saving a pattern to a pattern slot is essentially saving the kit. And yeah, you have to export each individual sound as far as I know. And I’m still learning this little guy too, I just noticed that there was a lot more information in the full manual vs. the quick start guide.

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I agree that there should be a step by step guide. Trying to figure out the + drive is RIDICULOUS.

Elektron should try some user testing and watch somebody try to figure it out. The manual keeps telling you to see other sections. Even if you do take the half hour or so to figure it out the instructions still don’t match up with what you see on screen. You have to figure out to select the almost invisible ‘…’ line to go to the parent folders before finally finding the ‘incoming’ etc.

I am frankly sick of trying to figure this machine out.


Sorry it’s being tuff, hope you get rocking without too much trouble…
However for clarity, the info is in the manual:

Here you can manage your samples. Initially, here are three directories FACTORY, INCOMING, and RECORDED. A wide array of preset samples are available in the write protected FACTORY directory.
The INCOMING directory is the default destination for samples sent to the Digitakt +Drive storage via the C6 software. RECORDED will contain the samples you create when you sample with the Digitakt.
Use the [ARROW] keys to highlight a directory, and then press [YES] to open it. To exit a directory and back one step up in the directory hierarchy, select the item labeled “…” at the very top of the screen and press [YES]. Do this repeatedly to return to the top of the directory hierarchy. You can also press [FUNC] + [RIGHT] to open a directory and [FUNC] + [LEFT] to exit a directory. To distinguish directories from samples, all directories, including the directory exit row, “…”, are labeled with a (D) at the very end of the row. When browsing a directory in the +Drive, a sample assigned to one of the 127 sample slots of the active project will have its slot number shown as seen below.

I think the sample management on the Digitakt is (hopefully) in its infant stage and will greatly be developed.

Unless I am mistaken, there is no way of auditioning a sample before adding it to the project from the iDrive which is problematic.

There is also a distinct lack of labeling of sounds and samples once inside the pattern which is again problematic.

These things have been things that I have always had access to from Maschine and Ableton Live + Push.

It is also potentially problematic to remove sounds/samples from the project as they may be used already in one of the patterns. I imagine that removing any of the sounds/samples would cause the pattern issues unless they are held somewhere within the pattern? To clarify . . . my project has 128 sounds loaded from iDrive. I make some patterns and then think “you know what, those sounds I copied over to the project are rubbish and I think I won’t use them. I need to remove them to make space for some other sounds! However, which ones am I using in patterns?”!!! There seems no way of telling. What I need is a “Remove all unused sounds from project” command.

But . . . the machine is still damn good.


You can hit Func/Yes to audition the sounds before adding them to your project.


Also, the samples are copied into your project, so I don’t think you can mess up any projects by deleting samples from your +drive. Can anybody confirm?

No, it was deleting the sample from the project and thus messing up patterns that was my concern. I’m not sure what samples I’ve used in my patterns from the project so I’m worried about removing them from the project.

Heck I always assumed the opposite - that the samples themselves are stored only once no matter how many projects you use them in. So, deleting the sample from the +drive would mean your project would have a problem!

I’m a noob though and I’m just assuming. I haven’t tested this.

Something else I haven’t tested, but maybe someone else has … when you load a sound, can the sound include reverb and delay settings in the pattern? … would those overwrite each other, when I load another sound, since there’s just one delay and reverb?

i think the sound keeps try of the amount of reverb and delay that is used but the actual reverb and delay are on like a separate effects track that i do not believe the sound settings keep track of. not by my machine but it would be nice to find that out for sure.

I get what you are saying about “It is also potentially problematic to remove sounds/samples from the project as they may be used already in one of the patterns” the management system needs work - just wanted you to know I heard you unlike a few others in the post… thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. It’s kind of you to acknowledge my concerns.


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