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I purchased some interesting samples for my Octatrack from, the Blur -Tones & Chords Sample Pack. There is a license key and I don’t know how to use it. I can unzip the samples but I can’t do anything with them. Anyone know how this works? I emailed them but I guess they are closed for the weekend or something. thanks

Seems like they are just raw samples, so you just need to load them into the Octatrack.

PS: You might have issues as 48kHz files

I love spitfire plug in.

It’s my goto for tape synths.

Once you get it rockin, you’re in for a treat.

Ps. Thank @sezare56

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Thanks all, I created the problem! The license key is not required. Drag and drop into the Octatrack and works fine. Still have a question, a lot of the samples are in key so the 48k to 44.1 drops pitch and makes for (unwanted) funky chords. How do I convert to 44.1? There are a lot of samples so is there some kind of bulk converter? All the previous samples that I bought were at 44.1 so I never ran into this problem before.

probably not going to help you, but you could use adobe media encoder, if you have the adobe package. not sure if there’s a trial for it available.

Have a look at Audacity

Audacity I find really complex to use as a converter, probably just me. I use MediaHuman, works so quickly and efficiently.

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I just use Foobar2000, you can batch convert really easily by just selecting everything in your playlist, right clicking and choosing “convert.”

I used to use Wavelab and then Reaper’s batch conversion when I stopped bothering to use Wavelab, but Foobar2000 is just faster and easier for most jobs (and free), plus it’s actually pretty deep and extendable if you need it to be.

EDIT: the Resampler-V plugin (or at least the vanilla SOX one) is good to have, too.


Ah, I’m not really across what’s out there, got my own audio tools that I use.

I have been using Audacity for years and never knew about the resample function. It is a little clunky but it works. Again, thanks, now back to getting confused about the Octatrack…