Samples Mysteriously Change Upon Reload

Hey everyone,

Have been using the Octa error-free for a few years now. But just ran into my first one:

When I move from one project to another, and then back to the original project, the samples are all messed up. They are shortened to the point that they all sound like tiny blips, or they are the wrong pitch, or wrong Start point, or no sound at all on specific samples but not others.

When I turn the Octatrack off and on again, the project loads ok. But moving to another project and then back to this one makes all sorts of weird stuff happen.

Does this sound like a bug, or something I’ve overlooked?


Did you try reload function, save + reload, save as new…?

Also check you don’t have scenes affecting things. Mute them both

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I was having issues with parameters changing in strange ways on reload about a year ago, and I ended up solving it by doing a low level reformat of my CF card. Hasn’t happened since. For me it was mostly record settings that were changing (inputs assigned to different tracks after a power cycle, stuff like that) and occasionally a bank or part wouldn’t load at all.

Might be the same issue. Try backing up all the data on your card and then reformatting the card from a computer using one of the programs I link to in this post. IT might not solve your issue but it couldn’t hurt and it worked for me. Usually I’d advise always formatting media on the machine where you will be using it, but in this case that didn’t fix a thing (and neither did the built in formatting tools in Windows).

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