Samples pack from the analog rytm mk2 engine?

Hey i’m curious, i’m parting with my rytm mk2 and i’m looking to see if anyone knows of any samples pack made from resampling the rytm mk2 analog sound engine ?
I can’t seems to find any…

If you already have the analog Rytm why don’t you just sample it yourself?


Sound advice to sample your favourite drums out of the Rytm.
This pack is unique. I have the presets on the Rytm and use this pack if I need the sounds on other pads. AR Percussion Sample Pack
I haven’t used this one but might be worth a look RS4: Analog Rytm for Ableton, Maschine & MPC - HelloSamples


Thanks a lot!! Both seems nice i’m curious why its almost impossible to find rytm 2 samples

I don’t know either. It might be used more than it seems, but a lot of drum machine samples are so processed that the source isn’t advertised.

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I think sampling a drum synth like the Rytm misses about 75% of what’s so cool and powerful about it… samples are static snapshots of a setting, the power of the Rytm is in its sonic movement capabilities. It’s an instrument to play.

I’ve sampled mine on several occasions to use elsewhere (usually Ableton), but it’s never anywhere near as good sounding or as satisfying as playing on the Rytm itself.


This is why I can’t part with mine. I have spent so much time pondering and trying ways to replace it on the cheap. It is the most expensive instrument/gear I own. I think it is very expensive, but it’s worth it.

I am not sure if it would come across in a recording, but being in the room, banging out beats on the Rytm is it’s charm to me.

I know it’s not everyone’s jam, but I can really appreciate it after driving myself bonkers looking for alternatives.

The whole rytm samples in the wild? I think you would have to have a specific sound or thing that it does in mind. I dunno, it just seems to be its own thing, but not in an iconic drum machine that we all know way (give it some time maybe?) - and I’m guessing that’s why we’re not seeing whole packs of samples taken from the Rytm.


I’ve never played a RYTM, but this was always the sense I got. What’s funny is so many people here will say things like “TBH I don’t find the synth engine to be very inspiring so I end up using samples most of the time”. Like maybe just get a Digitakt at that point because that’s such a waste.

Thanks but i don’t really care if it misses the rytm identity i was just curious if someone made samples to process them further in the daw :slight_smile:

Sick thanks

I’m with @Darbot… I think Rytm doesn’t have enough unique, clear-cut character for people to want to sample it. And also that it is too flexible to consider it one “analog sound engine”. There’s 27 different Machines (plus Impulse and Disable); or six to eight different synth circuits, some of which can make a vast range of sounds. You could probably make 10s or 100s of sample packs: Rytm Does Minimal; Rytm Does Hard Dance; Rytm Goes to Berlin; Rytm Goes to Miami; Rytm falls off a Cliff And Breaks A Bit But Still Sounds Badass; Rytm Does Ambient….


Apparently i’ve found a wave alchemy soundpack with like a tons of rytm resampled sounds. But yeah you are right that it’s not sounding special in any way

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Harsh, lol