Samples playing after pattern changes?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been learning the octatrack for a few weeks via the user manual. I’m not sure if I missed something, but I can’t seem to figure out why some of the samples from, for example, pattern a01 play out completely from their final trig and continue into pattern a02. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are the patterns linked to the same part?

If not, START SILENT in the PATTERN SETTINGS menu, and SILENCE TRACKS in the PROJECT > CONTROL > SEQUENCER menu will control the behaviour.


The patterns are linked to the same part, but this worked like a charm! Thank you very very much!

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I am also very new to the Octatrack. (I bought one a couple years ago, and then became completely sidetracked until recently).

Is it true that if the sample is two measures long, and say you trigger it on the last measure, the sample will play for its’ full duration.? Therefore, playing into the next pattern. That would make it possible to use the settings under amp of: hold and release, to shape the sample length.

Also, is there any difference between how ADSR works in Octatrack, then the typical synthesizer?

Thank you for any help.

Yes, depending on Amp settings.
Hold time unit is steps.