Samples vs. Rytm

Hey guys

I quickly read the whole manual to check for any answers to my question. No luck and I can hardly believe it…

There are no technical explanations to what degree a sample has to be prepared or what sample properties are accepted (meaning will transfer and play flawlessly) both from the C6 and the Rytm.

My problem is that I have tons of drum hits. But almost 90% of them are in stereo…

Could someone please give us a best practice

Thank you so much in advance!

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It converts anything you throw at it to 48/16 mono iirc…

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And if you do this conversion beforehand, in whatever tool you use, transfer will go faster. Not entirely irrelevant, given the Rytm’s somewhat old-fashioned way of working with sample transfers.

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The conversion engine with the RYTM + C6 isn’t so good. I’d suggest converting samples to the correct audio rates before importing them.

Thank you guys!
I didn’t know about that.

Will try to do a batch conversion of my favourites. Any good freeware for that task you could recommend? I’m mostly working with Presonus StudioOne. Not shure if they offer batch conversion…

I would convert samples before transferring as well.
C6 will convert most sample formats to the correct one, but it’s more convenient than good. Something to keep in mind.

A good and cheap (free-ish) batch converter is actually the Reaper DAW, it can be used as a trial for unlimited time and will convert most formats to a good quality wav.

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I use Wavosaur, it’s free, fast and simple:

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I use Audacity. It’s free. .

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The fastest you can get with sampleconversion (+ its freeware):


You can get it for example here:

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i saw a ‘turbo mode’ in the midi settings also… does this speed up that process also?

However, this makes a few mistakes. The Rytm samples should be 48khz, not 44.1, and the Machinedrum will not accept 12 bit samples, they should be 16 bit.

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I tried Reaper for batch conversion last week, it was easy.

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Awesomnes is happening with reaper! Thank you so much!!
Couldn’t live without samples for my drumloops (analog machines are a nice addon though ;-))

Take care and keep grooving!

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Hi all,

I found some nice samples (will provide the link when I am at home but I think they are form accoustica) but when I am transferring them to Rytm the sample is not played.

I assume that this a problem with the samples itself or the conversion process in Rytm. Some of them are bigger than 500 kb and maybe not in the correct format.
Does someone can tell me a software for OS X where I can achieve this. I am new to this sample stuff so that’s why I am asking.

I use Myriad for every sample conversion (it’s batch software with scripts it’s very powerful and if it cost $79.99 you won a lot of time as it’s automate the process and you can save your actions as presets). but it’s not free.