Sampling Digitone with Digitakt

Hi there!
Is it possible to sample the digitone using it’s headphone output and going into the digitakt input? So that i can sample anytime i want to using one cable and let it plugged in. Btw if it’s possible which cable should i use? Should there any problems with the impedance?

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Better use two cables L/R out DN to L/R in DT. It works perfect, I use 2 TRS cables.

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I use that setup above it’s great and sounds amazing.

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So you run the DN all the time over the DT. So no need to go from the DN directly to my mixer, just route it through the DT?

Trouble is you cannot monitor the inputs of DT in stereo (it sums to mono) so you would be better off taking DT L&R outputs to the line ins on the DN whilst also running the DN headphone out to the DT line ins for sampling, if you only have a single stereo channel available on your mixer or audio interface.

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Ok thanks. I have no problems with my mixer inputs. i just asked to have a solution for sampling at any time if i want to without plugging cables all the time

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You wrote you have a mixer: you could also use sub group outs (if available) or AUX sends to feed Digitakt input.That way you are flexible and can sample anything that`s plugged into your mixer.


I guess that’s the best advice! I never thought of this option thank you! That solves my problem!