Sampling from usb

Can someone point me in the direction of working this out?

Maybe I’m blind, but I don’t appear to be able to see how to do this in the manual


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Well you can’t sample from the USB.

If this is something that can be done when OverBridge is released for Digitakt is another story. This is pretty much all the details released so far from Elektron:

Overbridge Premium
Fully integrate Digitakt with DAW environments
Control Digitakt with a dedicated VST/AU plugin interface
Use Digitakt as a 2 in/2 out sound card (CoreAudio/ASIO/WDM)
Stream the eight internal tracks to separate DAW tracks (24 bit/48 kHz)
Recall all Digitakt settings when loading a DAW project
Plus all features of Overbridge Basic

Overbridge Basic
Sample manager/librarian functionality
Digitakt sequencer/DAW sync
Computer screen visualization of Digitakt parameters
Audio streaming of Main outs over USB (time limited sessions)


Cool. Yeah been wondering if that what they actually mean.

I’m sure when ob arrives, it’ll work via that.


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Yeah I’m just going by the manual that says you can, however I’m sure what they really mean is the transfer app, with an aim to have it sample over usb when ob is released.

Glad I’m not missing something!

I recall Elektron saying this was going to be possible, it wasn’t necessarily an OB related thing either, there was definitely discussion on digital sampling via usb iirc (i.e. youtube, presumably via a soundcard i/o mode or similar)


That’s really encouraging to read. I would be surprised if they weren’t trying hard to get this to be a feature.

Look at the other boxes that have been released. They’ve all become different machines over the years.

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Sampling over OB would be something special


sampling over usb will never work. the only thing that happens via usb is transmitting data and charging devices. topic can be closed

Yes, I also clearly remember that Cenk was mentioning this in one of the early demo videos on YouTube.


It sounds like Cenk has a bit more faith than you (skip to 3:03) …[quote=“tebers, post:9, topic:44022”]

topic can be closed

or maybe not


Maybe he thought Midi in/out-puts? Because Elektron have already used USB to play audio out of.

usb is a serial bus, which can only transport digital data. and some lines can be used to charge devices. there ends the journey of usb. sampling :layering/looping of sounds is done on devices by (software/programms). sampling music is done via AD converters. sampling also means converting a continuous signal into a discrete signal. the digitakt will do the sampling with its converters, then its up to the digitakt os to be able to sent teh discrete data over usb, but then it was alreday sampled on the device. -> data is transmitted via usb. as i said usb is just a bus which sends serial data over.

So -

the Digitakt will show up as a USB audio interface output on your pc/mac
you can thus route your DAW audio output to the Digitakt
you can ‘capture’, via start and stop sampling on the Digitakt, this incoming audio

It doesn’t really matter if this is not technically sampling of an audio signal. It is the capture of digital data incoming over USB being converted to a sample.


to prevent the discussion turning too pedantic, we are talking about soundbyte functionality/features … terms are used freely to describe the functionality so we know instantly what was intended … the end user doesn’t care about what happens between the idea and the reality, so sound playing digitally on your computer can be incorporated into the device as if you had bothered to hook up cables to your soundcard and then to the digitakt … if this tapping of the source info comes to pass, nobody will be losing sleep if the term sampling is used interchangeably with grabbing or routing … at the end of the day, the functionality/feature will feel just like sampling which is the point of the discussion, this term makes communication easy … the point being that the functionality is delivered by hooking up by USB and wouldn’t require audio cabling (whatever happens, the audio will need to be converted to DT friendly mono 24/48)


I recall having a Roland sampler that could sample over USB like almost 10 years ago. Should be a cake walk for digitakt. I could even add effects and whatever to the audio stream before I captured it as a sample. It was an awesome feature, that I haven’t seen on many units since then. The sound card was kind of cheap and wouldn’t always sound crystal clear while sampling but I know it 100% worked. Sold it off when Roland stopped updating the drivers, I wasn’t going to keep windows 7 around for an outdated sampler.
Cenk also claims to get some samples off youtube in that clip, I figured it would work similar to how the Roland did as I had a ton of samples I got off youtube before I sold it.

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So not possiblen then?

Not yet, perhaps when Overbridge arrives.

I can’t remember if I have read anywhere about the possibility for future sampling using Overbridge TO the Digitakt.
I think that would be a cool way to integrate the DT into the workflow, which OB is for. Sampling, processing, sequencing, resampling etc.

Anyone else having thoughts in that direction?

The current beta overbridge driver allows sampling over usb, and its honestly a game changer working within a DAW.


Really? Wow I haven’t seen that. Need to check out when I get home.

A game changer for sure. Maybe I’m a bit slow but I haven’t thought about it before. :slight_smile: