Sampling from your computer

I saw a how to on this a while ago and for the life of me can’t find it. Any ideas how to rip audio straight from you mac to wav? For example youtube or a movie thats playing.

Source > audio interface > DAW

…or Wiretap Studio seems to do that directly

Thanks for the link. I should have mentioned I need a free solution. I have audacity and live.

Check some add-ons for your browser to download youtube stuff, there are many free ones, like this one
convert from mp3/4 is necessary but if you have Ableton, just drag and drop the files and Ableton does it automatically.

Like said, if you have a audio interface just record the the source back into your DAW :wink:

oh, for converting stuff MAX is nice

I think SoundFlower is what you need

It’s free - I use it to rip direct from Spotify etc - there are some handy tuts on their page and youtube.

It’s basically an audio router for your Mac.

Great, how could I miss Soundflower, thanks!

That it. Thats what I saw before thank you!

I’ve been using the demo version of Audio Hijack Pro for years. The demo gives you ten minutes at a time, which is plenty for ripping audio from video sources. Soundflower is also good for this.

Has anyone found a good alternative for iOS? I usually watch video on my iPad these days, and it would be nice to grab clips as I find them. You can work around it using the mic, but that creates feedback.

The ideal for iOS would be if the YouTube app and others plugged into audiobus - imagine how useful that would be - there may be some alternative players that already do this so worth having a search - the technology is there just needs the App devs to get behind audiobus as more than just for connecting synths and production tools…

if i want to record something from the net or my pc, i just route the audio back into my pc and record it in ableton live on a muted channel, to avoid feedback…

monitoring “from tape” definitely has it’s benefits…

In the new os x maverick you option-click the speaker icon in the top right, and then you can choose soundflower as your output.

Set audacity to use soundflower as the input, and Bob’s yer uncle.