Sampling from Youtube

Hello everyone.

I’ve connected my iPhone to my Octatrack. If I go to apple Music and hit play, the sound is coming through fine. If I go to YouTube and hit play, I get the sound of the commercials, but once the video starts, no sound is coming through. If I go to a radio broadcast app, the sound is coming through. If I go to Twitter, both via app or browser, no sound is coming through. Any ideas to why that is?
I want to sample people saying stupid things :sweat_smile:

Regards from a noob Octatracker

Not sure can you try it in Safari and not the YT app?

Don’t know about your specifics, but if I use YouTube on my browser, I have to touch the video screen to unmute it. I think it’s the same for Twitter, but I don’t tend to visit that nasty little place, so I’m not 100%.

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Well I solved the problem. It turns out that buying the cheapest cables and adapters isn’t always a good idea :joy:
If I pull the minijacks loose from the 1/4” adapters and just moving them around holding them halfway in, I get all the audio :sunglasses:
Need to buy some better cables :+1:t2:

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It’s strange that the cables work for the ads! Or was that just a coincidence?

Sampling YouTube is fun as hell! I never know how it works for licensing/copyright, but when I’m done is often not even recognizable anymore :smile:

That’s weird. What kind of cables/adapters? All I can think of is a TRS/TS kind of situation