Sampling / resampling pops n clicks

Hello there im making industrial techno and i pref to create rumble kicks ( kick with hard sub layer) so when im resampling it from ableton to octa i has pops and clicks sometimes at start sometimes at the end or both. I tried amp envlop shapes also tried fin / fout settings in recording but still got this problem . Can anyone help?
Same happens if i process rumble kick in octatrack and then doing internal resampling master (8 ) track :sob:

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One thing that helped me was setting the amp envelopes correctly. It sounds like you tried that, but I want to make sure that you tried it with the hold length relatively short. For example, if you have this sample playing every 1/4 note, the hold would be very low, something like 3 or 4, and the release fairly short as well. Otherwise the pop comes from the sample being cut off at the end abruptly as a new sample starts. So some attack, short hold, and some release usually irons out clicks from both the sample starting and ending abruptly. Sorry if this isn’t helpful, good luck.


I tried that but still got no fix :frowning: sometimes it helps but then im losing sound shape on first attack :sob:

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Have you tried going into the audio editor (AED) and fading in and out the selections of audio where it’s clicking ?

Are you trying to resample loops? If so, I sometimes find with sampling loops (even in software) that if you want a 4 bar loop, that you record a 8 bar loop, then when you play it back- start playing it on the 4th bar. Reverb tails are tricky. If you record a 4 bar loop and then play back that four bar loop, the tail of the reverb isn’t on the first beat. If you double your loop and then start on the 4th bar, the tail will be there…and that may help. Not sure if this is making sense, but that’s my workaround for reverb tails.
If you are resampling kicks individually, you may be having phasing issues. Like the next kick is starting when the one before it’s waveform is not at 0db. Hard to explain, but if the tail sound of the reverb is above 0db when the next kick hits, that will cause a click.


Thanks a lot :yellow_heart: solved