Sampling Sessions: Tracks from scratch

Haiku for you:

In the apartment.
With my trusty sampler, I
tune in and zone out.


Octatrack, my love
Eight lanes of slidey goodness
Fucks shit up, for realz


PS looking forward to having a listen tonight

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Just watched this (popped up on my YouTube suggestions)

Great video man, I’ve been doing similar with mine recently, creating a load of OB 6 arps and sampling religious preaching/rants/police radio chatter and other weird apocalyptic nonsense…


It’s so much fun. I’d love to hear that

Thank you for the haiku!!! I love it

great stuff!

I see OB 6 - instantly clicking :black_heart:

Thanx for bringing the Landscape HC-TT to my awareness!

Back in the day (early '80s) I modded a trashy cassette player to do exactly the same, but all these years since then I have never come across a professional built one.

The kinda steampunk looks makes it even more adorable …

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Toally! It’s super cool, I made another video on it that comes up today. Running the HC-TT into the Roland VT-4

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Zoia and the OP-1 almost seem cliche but dammit if they do work SO GOOD together! Had a lot of fun making this one, and it didn’t take that long to do. Got a good layering method going, it’s quite addictive.

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