Sampling sound non-existent

Hello all,

So I keep running into this problem, and its driving me insane. Usually I can sample into the OT fine, no issues apart from a little normalize.

But at the moment I’ve got a decent sound source (O-Coast) running into it, the level LED is show orange/red, yet everytime I record I get no signal. It’s not the first time its happened…

I’ve checked the input under record setup, and that’s pointing to the right place. When I turn the mixer up I can hear the source a-ok. Have tried twitching inputs, but the same thing.

What’s the obvious thing I’m missing here?

Did you try with a new project?
New track?
You can press FN+REC then FN+EDIT to check with the Audio Editor if the waveform is created while recording…
If you use Flex and play the concerned recording press Track + EDIT to access directly to Audio Editor.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing, and using those shortcuts. When I checked the waveform, nothing was there.

Currently I was selecting between inputs C and D, and was getting nothing, just changed to using input A, and the system seems to be working fine.

Any idea what might cause the issue?

You need to tell the track which input you want to sample from. If your audio is coming in through AB and your track is recording from CD, you’ll get silence. Are you using a rec trig or manual?

Manual recording, and I select the track where it comes in each time. As it’s a mono signal, I’ve changed from only using C, D, and then A.

One thing I did notice then as I was trying to figure it out, was that when I press ‘Function’+‘Record’, in the recorder setup menue, the timeline at the bottom seems to moving by itself, then jumping back to the start, after roughly 8 counts all the time. This is without pressing ‘Track’+‘Record’.

I’m guessing I’ve accidentally pressed something somewhere?

Alright, figured out that is becuase i had trigs on the track…

But still unsure as to why A will sample, but C and D won’t.

For each Rec Trigs, you can choose or deactivate sources by pressing Rec Trig + RecAB , RecCD, Midi

p66 A recorder trig defaults to sampling from all three input sources, but the source selection can be changed for each recorder trig. When in the RECORDING SETUP 1 menu, the source a recorder trig samples from can be seen by pressing and holding the [TRIG] key of the recorder trig. The activated sources are indicated by inverted graphics in the LCD and by lit and LEDs. To activate or deactivate a sampling source for a recorder trig, keep the [TRIG] button of the recorder trig pressed while pressing either [AUDIO REC AB], [AUDIO REC CD] or [MIDI]. Subsequent recorder trigs being placed on the sequencer will default to the latest activated source selection.