Sampling vocals in Analog Rytm

Who here is sampling their own vocals (using a mic) into their Rytm? I’m planning on making some cut up manipulated vocal samples to add into some chorus sections. I’d love to hear some of your favorite maneuvers for trippy vocal parts.


I guess you can also ask in DT category.

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I have went straight in with vox. Backwards is always cool… and bit reduction in the rytm is so epic that all sounds good with it in my opinion.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to get the rytm to process vox through the filter etc viA overbridge, even with elektron support troubleshooting but I’ve still not got there. Then I bought a heat and now don’t care:).

I’m chasing lots of odd vocal stuff right now viA pedals and like what I get through the red panda tensor. But not to point of anything really amazing. If you’re a Mac OS/LOGIC PRO user, the step fx plugin does cool glitchy stuff to vocals, at least for what I’m going for.