Sampling w/ octatrack. noob alert

I accidentally changed one of my 'recording buffers" to a sample and I do not know how to change it back. help!

also, i cannot seem to sample.

tried a simple iPhone to AB input…

I went to track three and chose recording buffer 3 (i did this one as track1 and track 2 i accidentally changed my recording buffers to other samples). I also made sure that under recording edit my input was set to AB.

I change main AB dir to 127, I hit track 3 + record AB and the tape moves and appear to be recording.

Then i hit the red record button, activate the first trig and it’s dead silent.

I’ve checked all volumes and everything seems to be at max.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

thanks guys

If you’re recording a loop from your iPhone, try using QREC.

  1. In Recording Setup 1, choose your input and set RLEN (recording length in steps) to 16

  2. In Recording Setup 2, set QREC to PLEN (this makes samplin start on the first downbeat).

  3. Set iPhone app and OT to same tempo.

  4. Start the loop on your iPhone.

  5. When the iPhone repeats its loop, hit “Play” on the OT so the two units are in sync.

  6. Immediately hit Track + Rec

  7. When the iPhone repeats its loop again, OT will automatically sample for the number of steps you set RLEN to when you performed step 1.

It’s very quick and precise if your timing is good, which it probably is.

When I was new to the OT, I had the exact same problem. Turns out I was always placing a trig in the wrong mode. I would place a recording trig when I thought I was placing a playback trig, so samples would get overwritten. Or I would place a playback trig when I thought I was placing a recording trig, so nothing would ever get sampled. Or I would place a regular trig instead of a one-shot trig, so I would overwrite my sample.

Hated the OT and stopped using it for weeks. Thought about selling it several times. But then I kept asking questions on the forum, and mastering just one task at a time until I learned my way around the OT. Now it’s the most-loved instrument I’ve ever owned. Everything else seems almost unnecessary.

OT can do so many things and it has so many ways of doing each thing that it will bamboozle anybody. Stick with it, and you’ll eventually create shockingly amazing tracks.

I really wanted to record using the AB input method …

how can i tell the difference between a playback trig and a recording trig?

thank you for all your help!

Learning how the OT samples is odd indeed.
These two videos helped me get underway.

Juan…thank you.

This helped out.

Still having trouble playing back my samples through flex directly without first having to save it. Audio always ends up being mute.

But I’m progressing…

I can see why someone told me after the first couple of months of using your octatrack you’ll need to do a factory restore of the system.

Now i understand…i’ve got files saved that i do not want, deleted several of my recording buffers, etc…