Saturation Effect missing!


I can’t find anything about Saturation in Digitakt!

Here is a video about Saturation: Mixing With Saturation - Why You Need It

Any suggestions how to access it in the Digitakt?


Don’t focus on the name of things, instead see what they do. Saturation, overdrive, who cares what it’s called as long as you get the results you want.


Its called analog heat, i think


Overdrive on the Amp page.


Auto tune effect is missing
Multiband compression is missing
Time stretch is missing
Vocoder is missing

Actually , none are ‘missing’ , they were never part of the design.
Every single synth , sampler , module has something missing if you want to go down this route.
My laptop is missing a drinks dispenser
My car is missing a swimming pool

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Why is there no coffee maker included?


Srsly what was Elektron thinking?! :crazy_face:

yours doesn’t have a coffee maker? Maybe you need the newest OS.

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I think the question makes sense
Saturstion on a drum bus helps a lot
And digitakt sometimes sounds so clean
But the compressor is your friend here

I suggest adding a Deco.
I do it on the Machinedrum, it really works well :slight_smile:

Analog Heat add a very warm saturation.

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The question does not make sense. With overdrive and resampling you can basically weasel out as much harmonic content as you want.

I wish the Mods would take care of posts like this. Borderline clickbait.

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so the answer is…
I understand your needs, and I understand you usually do this with other instruments/ software
with digitakt, you can get pretty close by using overdrive and resampling.

video about digitakt + heat can be found here
when I shot this video, there was no compressor on the digitakt yet.

Never look back again :checkered_flag: :moneybag:

Run the sample hot through pretty much anything analogue. Or use a plugin.

Anything being any suitable audio equipment.

Not an avocado :avocado:


…at your bank balance.


That culture vulture distortion/enhancer produces sound chemistry from another planet. I personally don’t have to own it to love it.

I prefer to keep the bank balance positive and my priorities directed to my family and our well being, that was not the point.

I’m just starting to get into that phase of producing tracks where I’ve got enough sound generators and I’m now really getting into sound processing. It started with a few hardware compressors and a quadraverb and has escalated to an Analog Heat, playing with driving Analog mixers into each other and now lusting after old tape recorders and silly expensive gear that has no place being in my back room.
If you are worried that saturation is missing from the Digitakt, I’m worried that it’s missing from your life.