Save Everything?

Is Save Project the easiest way to save everything at once on the OT? Like EVERYTHING, patterns, parts, banks, samples etc… I know it won’t save samples in the RAM. I’m real sick of losing my projects cause I accidentally hit clear pattern, or switched a bank, or literally the million other ways you can completely lose everything you’ve been working on in the OT.

I WISH clear pattern had an option to ask you if you were sure, or an option to turn on warnings that you are about to lose something.

Love u OT tho… I really do

I think with patterns you can undo one step by pressing clear again(?). That may just be when you clear track trigs though not pattern. you just have to remember to save your part the very second you are happy with it, I don’t think you can undo reloading a part. I have my settings so that My samples save to the project folder and then I save to new project before leaving OT. Then I know all my projects with names are songs and al the projects called “project [number]” are crap that I can delete. You’ve just gotta make good saving habits, it’s the only way


In my own experiments since posting this I have found that Save Project quite literally saves everything, including pattern trig data.

If you want to use the RELOAD PART function, like tweak sample settings on the fly and then reload it, you have to save the part manually before you do this, the OT will tell you it can’t reload the part until it is saved, and it has a little X on the part name.

I never use this feature so I don’t really care, I just accidentally hit pattern clear and move one knob and then undo does nothing. Save Project seems to save everything besides unsaved flex RAM samples and Part reload capability.