Save VS Sync to Card....some lights-on please

This thread follows from another one where a guy lost one year of programing just because he ejected CF without at least syncing to card.

Pag 30 of the manual is pretty concise and doesn’t let me fully understand the difference between the two commands; SAVE vs SYNC TO CARD.

Data-wise…where’s the actual difference?

This info would be useful for me as for somebody else around here.

Thanks in advance,

Save gives you a way to revert a project to a previous state. Sync makes sure that the work buffer is tidied up and nothing remains to be written to the CF card. Pretty much the same deal as why you should unmount a memory based media from a computer after writing files to it and before ejecting it.

That’s fine …but…what actually lies in these buffers?

Think of it like having two different saves locations. The first is the sync location, which is a running backup that always saves the current status of your project so you can come back to it each time you power up. You can’t manually reload a sync state, it’s something that automatically happens when you power on the OT.

The save location is like a back up of this you set manually. You’re telling the OT, right save everything just like it is RIGHT NOW, in case I want to reload the project exactly like this in the future.

For example, a lot of us guys using the OT live use the save function to store our live sets before a tour. That way each night I can reload that save point and know my set will be exactly the same night to night. If I just relied on a sync, every time I turned on the OT my tweaks from performing the night before would still be there, it would no longer be the saved state.


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