Saving midi settings

Couldn’t find this on the search, so excuse me if it’s been discussed.

I’ve finally spent some time mapping the midi tracks to various synths. Had a bit of a headache at first, trying to work things out being routed via ableton, and realising that the channel on the DT is where it’s coming from… Face-palmed hard on that.

Anyway settings all set up, and everything being sequenced.

Save a template in ableton and then save in the DT as a project.

All good I thought. Went and loaded the DT project and all the settings I had carefully made, have all gone, and it starts sending weird midi messages out.

Can anyone suggest a way to save the settings, which will be my template for using the midi tracks?

Sorry if this is obvious…

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double check that you are on the right pattern. that tricked me one time.

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OK cool. I’ll look into that. So should I be saving the settings as a pattern not a project then? Cheers

they are saved per pattern, so in your project you need to make sure each of your patterns has the same midi layout.

I am having this same issue everything is where it’s supposed to go then out of nowhere it’s gone on the pattern pages

saving your project saves your patterns, so that’s all you should need to do.

That’s how it should work, but it hasn’t. I’m wondering if there’s not much point in worrying too much currently, as when OB gets here, I’m assuming I’ll be able to save it as a preset and be done!