Saving Patterns/Songs

Hey all!
So I’ve had my MD for a few months but really starting to get into it more now… one thing I’m not too sure on is the saving. I get that you can save kits & songs, but I’m not understanding how to save patterns.

Basically I’ve made a track that I like & have the patterns saved to bank A (things like “intro” “buildup” “fill” etc) how can I save these so I can load these as a group of patterns again later? Hopefully my question makes sense… Ultimately I want to have made a few tracks like this & be able to recall them in a live setting.

If your MD has a +Drive, then save a Snapshot of the MD’s memory to the +Drive.

If your MD does not have a +Drive, then send a SysEx file containing the applicable Patterns and Kits to a computer for recall later.

thanks! I don’t have a +drive but def looks like I gotta upgrade

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