Saving projects to PC?

Hi everyone,

I want to save a project to my computer but the transfer is taken to long & it doesn’t stop with sending sysex
Does anybody why?
How can I save all the projects for example?
How can I selected multiple kits & delete them?
Maybe it can be done in overbridge but didn’t saw any menu opttions to do adjustments for kits, sounds, patterns, projects saving, selecting or deleting.
Any help please


If exporting project data to C4 takes forever, check rytms midi out settings (usb should be on, if sending via usb cable).
select and delete multiple kits on the rytm is easy using the project manager in rytms menu.
as far as i know there is no easy one-click solution to fully backup a project to a computer (or to a 2nd rytm).
its not possible to backup the samples used in projects, so be sure to have a copy of them on your computer.

Hi Apparatgerat,

thx for the reply.
My settings were good for transporting but it took probably to long to export all the sounds, kits, patterns…
How can I select more than one kit via project manager?
I’m only be able to do clear, delete, rename, load from, save to & toggle the projects in menu prject managing.

grtz Olivier