Saving recordings / file management

HI There,

I’m at the moment creating lots of loops, and saving them, what I notice is that the files are put into the audio directory.

As I now have a lot of files I was wondering if you could choice a different place to save your recorded loops?

How do you guys manage all these self created loops and files on the card?
Through computer or do you do this within the Octatrack?


Finishing my 2nd read through the manual, I guess I can call myself a certified masochist :wink:

However it’s invaluable in terms of "how do I do " and even though I won’t force myself into reading it the 3rd time, I know for sure I’ll keep referring to it. Also the “tutorials” part is a bit easier to digest.

I have seen and read these pages, but it’s now making sense to me, so by selecting the project directory you ensure your recorded loops and one shots are not put into the audio directory…All clear and thanks

pretty sure i read my MnM manual 5 or more times and kept referring back to it,
mostly because a lot of the nomenclature was new and unique to the Elektron boxes., eg: trigless trigs,
your whole post could have been written by me about that box, back then, some 8 yrs ago.
quite funny :joy:

before getting the OT, i had owned a MnM, so i thought i knew what i was getting myself into with the new black box. just to be sure, i read the manual forward and back 2-3 times before i got it. piece a cake.

whaaaaaaa!!! spent the next 6 months alternately angry at, afraid of, and intrigued by the OT. after 5-7 manual readings (and STILL referring to it, to Merlin’s guide and to my own notes), sooooooo glad i fought the urge to sell it. many MANY times…

and i have PAGES of tips, tricks, and “what-would-happen-ifs” from this forum and the old E-U forum that i haven’t tried yet.

the black hole is deep. loving it.

nothing prepares you for the octatrack.

^ hear that!
I’ve only had my OT a few months and it’s definitely a love/hate relationship.

AK, on the other hand, was love at first sight ( OK, maybe after getting to know each other for a couple of days)