Saving Sysex - to Mac - best way forward?

having now had my A4Mk2 for 10 months and just updating to OS1.5 I thought I ought to BackUp my many projects & sounds to my Mac !
As C6 is no longer working on OS Catalina (I’m on 10.15.5 Catalina) - I have installed Sysex Librarian. On the A4Mk2 I go to Sysex Dump and Send - All / Whole Project… and it tells me it is sending over ‘USB[Fast]’ - and I see it coming into Sysex Librarian (providing I have set it to ‘record’) - and I can see the files in the Documents folder of my Mac.
I was assuming it would have the file name of the project - but clearly not (think I last used Sysex back in the early 90s…)
Can anyone advise a) software b) process c) methods … anything helpful really
Thank you

do exactly as you are - you have to rename within SysEx Librarian (it can’t know project name) or rename in finder after you save

Do this until sometime from 2021 that Transfer may support receiving rather than just sending, it’s on the roadmap, but it comes out in small steps in functionality to ensure there’s no issues introduced, steady as she goes so to speak - but it is scheduled to be a C6 replacement and more (although not for older gear like MD etc)

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Thank you. I thought I was - been decades since I had to do Sysex and it’s all seems a bit primitive … after years of working in Logic and having automated back up scripts… feels like I’ve gone backwards in time ! I used Transfer to do the new OS upgrade - worked lovely…

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Sorry I read a lot of pages and manuals many times
but have one more basic restore question.

( here with a4 mk1 , c6 and pc at the moment, nice to hear sys librarian seems to work for mac)

I now backed up soundbanks and some whole projects as seperate files.

Assuming I want or have to do a factory reset because of repair or something goes wrong with update.

If i want to restore a project containig some patterns and kits( saved and named). In the tracks there is a wild mixture of sounds I created from scratch, took from various +drive banks (selfmade and sounpacks ) i modulated and plocked of course.
( mostly only a few extra hi hats or such saved to soundpool, I know spool gets stored together with project, but…)

Now the basic structure and restoring question:
Is this project already working and sounding as it was before facory reset ?

OR is it NECESSARY to restore the banks to the same + drive bank slots with the sounds also to the same numbers as before ALSO for this project to work and sound the same?

Is think and hope not but wanted to look for a clear response here or from elektron directly

I m already enough confused from the „load from„ in the project manager and mostly from the (for me ) infamous pattern autosave…

Thanks for the content here and have a nice day

there are a tonne of subtleties that are best reviewed in some of the various threads, especially with regards to working projects working kits and saved projects

but the only way that you lose content is if you do one of three things

factory reset
empty reset
format +drive

factory reset will restore default sounds to banks a and b and restore project 1 to default too - nothing else is affected

empty will empty project 1 at least (and forgive me I haven’t recalled) but may wipe other projects, best read the manual or threads

format +drive will clear all the sound banks and projects

use any or all with caution and do backups - consult the manuals, if a user mistypes here it could be costly

backing up prevents headaches, backing up properly takes some understanding of the nuances I mention

this takes a bit of reading and perhaps someone will go out on a limb to say, but practice on a spare project, do some testing on what is actually saved and what is temporary(and loaded) - you have working states for some kits and this trips folk up

sounds in banks are outside the project - kits have no connections to those sounds whatsoever, so rearranging a +drive bank is irrelevant - a kit contains the sound info embedded, but only a version of it, it’s not linked or related any longer (but may be the same, or may not)

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Thanks a lot for your time the structure in the answer. Sorry that I brougth addidional complication with using the the word factory reset.
I think I read all manuals and threads various times.

((The word working state is new to me and brings additional headache, that also wouldnt go away with testing, on the contrary, but if its part of the pattern autosave headache or using one kit with 3 patterns its nothing new and inside the project, so not part of my question this time. ))

But the last part of the answer sounds like good news and how i hoped it is.

Lets forget the above and the+ drive ( assuming it was emptied)
When I saved the patterns, saved and named kits and a project ( but nothing to sound pool):
After I restore this project, is it sounding the same when i hit play?
essentially the trigs with and without plocks on the 4 tracks? and when i play the minikeyboard when a track is selected sounds the same?
If someone could answer that with yes, it would be great against headache and fear of turning on a4 for a happy little jamming.

Maybe you said already everything possible most simple possible above… thanks a lot

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