Saving the Master CHNG parameter


I don’t understand how to save the Master CHNG parameters of the patterns (in advanced scale page). Each time I modify this parameter on a pattern, I save the pattern and also the project, but when I reboot the AR, I still find some of those parameters set to OFF. What is the problem?

up !

Sounds like you’re messing with track settings, those are pattern specific, so they’re saved to the pattern and not with the kit.

Yes, but I’ve always saved the two: patterns+kits.

You don’t “have” to save patterns since they’re automatically saved, kits on the other hand are not.

maybe, but my problem is: why the CHNG parameter can’t be saved? Or: how to be sure to have a CHNG parameter set between two sessions?

I’m having no problems here saving the CHNG setting on the AR (which is automatically saved).

Maybe try changing the CHNG parameter on another pattern and see if it saves it there?