Scale Setup and Funct+Tempo behavior

Hi guys,
don’t know if someone already reported this.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded a video of this “different” behavior of the FUNCT+TEMPO (TrkLevel) action.

When you use it normally you can jump from one tempo directly to another,but, if you are in the Scale Setup and perform the tempo jump, it actually doesn’t work, until you esc from the Scale Setup menu and, while in normal screen, you press again Function and it jumps to the tempo displayed (using the Tempo button).
Infact the actual playing bpm is the one in the upper-left of the LCD.
And, until the second press of Function, the two tempos (upper-left and big one using the Tempo button) are in two different values!!

Anyway…sorry for my bad spoken (and written?!) English and the crappy video compression… :zonked:

yeah i think a few of the other function + screens break or act oddly when combined with changing the tempo, like function + midi if you have the part window open or maybe it was the pattern properties menu?

thanks for figuring out the steps. :slight_smile:

Hey sicijk, as a former beta tester for another pro audio company, video is the best method of showing exactly how to build a reproducible case. However, it is more than likely, that those that are responsible for such action don’t trawl these forums as much as we’d like and this bug could be missed. The best method for reporting bugs with a link to your video is through the Elektron Support section via your CustomerZone account.

I mentioned this about a month ago, but your video makes it much clearer.

I could see it being useful in a live setting if you wanted to incrementally shift the tempo between tracks.

Thanks filosofem, but the SupportTicket has already been sent! :joy:

But I was not even sure to send, because I do not want it to go away…for me is more a feature than a bug…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I hope this doesn’t go away! It’s a cool unintentional bug. It’s pretty easy to quickly bump the tempo by about 10 bpm/bar or so to create a gradual shift, so you could move from say 90 bpm to 130 bpm without it being too jarring over the course of a few bars as you change patterns.

Uff…the guys @HQ say that it is a bug and due to its nature it will not see the light again in future updates…

What’s that saying sicijk - be careful what you wish for as you might get it. :wink:

Of all the things they could go and fix, they have to fix something that broke just right :wink: