Scene B doesn’t light up or respond to changes

As always, I’ve no doubt this is likely user error, but I’ve started a new project for a live set and the B side of the Scenes doesn’t light up unless I press B, and no changes get applied. Scene A changes work perfectly. What am I missing?

Yours too?


Yep! I’ve had my OT2 for a little over a year and so far my only issues have been caused by me not understanding certain things. This is a new one on me as it seems scene B is deactivated I didn’t know that could be done, or why you’d want to :slight_smile:

func + scene. Fucking shoot me now


I love these post’s, because when I am in the same place, I can just search. Good job.


Glad my stupidity can be useful! I just never knew you could disable those and have zero idea why anyone would want to :slight_smile:


You learned a very important lesson about scenes!

No matter how far you are Scene 1 or all the way up to Scene 16, you’re always Func+Scene and a slide away from coming back home :heart::rainbow:.

Also, your OT is still perfectly functional! Hooray!

Today was SUCH a good day! :slight_smile:


Ha! Love the positivity!
I always just keep A-1 as the unaltered sound, but yes, this was a nice lesson :slight_smile:

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Yeah, best practice to not lose your mind. Sometimes I have to make the sound transition across scenes. So I’m sliding back and forth between A+B hopping across scenes for my tracks.

As a result of this practice, I usually smoke about three cigarettes before I hit record(out of the studio, of course)


When you don’t know why it’s sounds weird, it is usefull to check quicky if there are plocks on scenes.


Func + Scene is also great for momentary fx; for example, Scene B has delay wet mix + feedbacked locked. With the scene muted pull the fader to Scene B, briefly unmute and then mute again.

I’m sometimes fingerdrumming scene mutes while changing scenes. :blush:


Yes! And it drives me crazy that straight out of the box has to be repaired. I asked about replacing with new machine, instead of repairing because it just feels really really bad to live with that thought that from day one it was opened and repaired. Good luck with you’re machine!