Scenes and midi

Hi guys,
probably been covered a hundred times, but I still can’t find any good tips.
Situation is using the OT live, one track is sequencing a synth. What I would like to achieve is to be able to use the X-Fader / Scenes to add variations to the sequence (different notes, not CC)

I’ve not been able to simply lock different notes to the steps on Scene, this would be the easiest, but I am not sure that is possible.

What just occured to me is that I could maybe program different variations on the other midi tracks, and the X-fader could possibly select which midi track to send to the synth (midi mute or something like that?) - I am at work, and don’t have the OT in front of me now, so can’t try it out…

Any other tips on this? (Maybe some kind of LFO designer lock or something?)

vegradd, it’s not possible to configure scenes for the MIDI side of OT, unfortunately.
To achieve this, the only workaround I’ma aware of is Guga’s magic box “Morph4” !

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Aha. Well, at least I am not a complete idiot then! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you, will look into that!

I know that muting works, multiplying the sequence length with muting unmuting the same channel is a cool idea. (On different tracks.) But you would need to use the arranger for mute /unmute.

Ah, I was hoping I could just program inn a “fill” on trc2 (same channel) - and flick the x-fader to unmute/mute … but I guess I can’t.

Ah, I was hoping I could just program inn a “fill” on trc2 (same channel) - and flick the x-fader to unmute/mute … but I guess I can’t.[/quote]

If you disconnect the fill track from the sequencer by activating PLAYS FREE in the PATTERN SETTINGS menu, you can manually trigger the fill track with quantized start and stop.

Doesn’t involve the Xfader, but you could program different sequences on a few MIDI tracks and assign them all to the same MIDI channel. Mute all but the basic sequence at first. Then when you want a fill you can switch to the MIDI track with the variation you want.


These are all good ideas! Will explore, and see what fits the live set. Gotta make it fool proof though, since I have too much to remember during a set at the moment :slight_smile: Make it simple!

Thanks for the enthusiasm, people! You’re great!

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Wow, didn’t know this ! Cool !! Thx Peter !

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+1 to add the Midi scene support to the Octa ! The possibilities would be huge ! :smiley:


There are already huge possibilities with midi processors. :wink:

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Good for fills and variation as per original request:

Paste and paste again (=undo) for fills - it instantly drops in your variation with the first paste and then reverts to original pattern when you hit paste again


Everybody needs an EPP…
(Slimboy Fatty) :smile:

And a 303! Btw I just made my x0x heart modular 303 clone work a few minutes ago.
A4 / AK with x0x Heart


Yes of course I know, I’ve imbibed enough Octahuasca that I’m psychically connected to all OTists that have passed the initiation ceremony with the flex overlords…

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I want to link assigned CC controls on the midi tracks to scenes, so when you do scene stuff it can send various control messages to external gear in the same “one slider changes 7 different things” technique. if you’ve got a midi track with a CC knob assigned to it that already can control the external gear, can you link that CC knob to scene control? Seems simple. But I thought re-trigger capability on a midi sequencer of a drum computer was simple.

There is no scene support for the midi tracks. The only workaround is to use an external midi processor generating other CCs in relation to incoming CC48 events (the crossfader’s CC),


Any suggestions for such a MIDI processor?

Well, the most versatile one is MIDI Translator Pro either running on a laptop or on a Bomebox. There is a demo available, so you can easily play around with it yourself.

But of course there are many other midi processors with different capabilities available (search the forum, there a quite some threads here).

Personally I’m programming my midi effects myself (either using pure data or max for live).

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