Screen Issue

Does anyone else had this type of behavior before?..suddenly the screen vanishes…it boots and plays also…but no screen…sometimes it is there for a moment, but then disapears again…really strange.

did all the wirechecks…also resolder some joints, switched psu/external and checked internal with -8.02V, +7.82V, 0, 4.92V, 0 and 3.33V. renew battery…sound is ok, everything works but screen.

bummer man. you know I think that has happened to me a couple times. But nothing that got me too worried, just powered off and back on. At least the sound is still there! keep us posted.

Same thing happen now to my DN. But no logo at the start, nothing. The screen is totaly “off”.
I send a ticket to elektron.
Do you found a solution ?

no solution yet…my machinedrum died completely…a chip was burned after some on-off cycles…really bad…have to save some money and send it back for repair :cry:

Sorry for that ! But after repair it will kick again :wink:
In my case… Elektron say me to make a test on startup menu, but totally useless with no screen lol.
So tonight i will try to save my project / pattern / sound on my pc and make a factory reset (hope i can with Transfer), but… i think it will go to warranty…