Screen replacement for Analog Four Mk1


just jumped onto a used Analog Four MK1, but the screen is kindof fading. On one post, it was recommended to get a Winstar WG12232A, but there are something I don’t quite understand.
Like which is the one to get the 3.3v or the 5v? I can find products of both voltages in 3 different colours.
Also do I need to program this? I’m not good at programming so if there is a tutorial on how to program this would be great.
Have anyone tried replacing the screen themselves? Any recommendation and which model of the screen works well with the A4 mk1?

I’d mail elektron and ask if they have spare parts.

Definitely email Elektron. I wanted to replace my mki screen as well and forwarded a screen that was suggested on the forum. Received a resounding “no” in terms of compatibility so better safe than sorry. If you do find something compatible please report back!

ok. I’ll send elektron an email. I hope that they will just sell me the part

This could be a very easy, free fix - I had a problem with a fading screen as well and this thread told me how to solve it within 20 minutes:

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super Redukt! thanks for sharing. OK I’ll give it a shot and report back.

Well? Did it work?