Second hand monomachine

Hello, elektronauts. I’m about to buy a second hand monomachine and what should I check in the first place. What are the possible problems with monomachines?

\ps/ forgot to add the guy sells the unit for a very low price, so that makes me rather suspicions

Off the bat, if it looks larger than your average Elektron that’s an MK1.

That’s all I’ve got to help…

Carry on more knowledgable people


I think there’s a test routine if you hold down function while you power it up .

  • Check that all I/O is working properly, go into the GLOBAL page and change the voice outs so you can check the outputs. Bring a sound source and check the inputs.
  • Check that the encoders aren’t jumpy

When I bought my Monomachine second hand i had a problem with it freezing if left untouched for too long… got it fixed by elektron.


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make sure all the I/O work as stated before bought one on ebay and made the foolish mistake of not checking it out online and the right output is not working and a few of the jacks actually broke. I got replacement jacks from elektron, opened it up and someone had tried to repair it before. Now I have to send it out to the LA office to fix it.

Thanks, guys!:two_hearts:

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the Encoders are the most critical areas at a used Monomachine/Machinedrum, especially the MK1’s. they aren’t really good in my opinion. ask the seller about the condition of the encoders before purchase. i bought a used MD MK1 last summer. the Rotary knobs are wobbly as hell now and i didn’t used the device very much. but i’ve already a complete set of new encoders from elektron. just needs to be soldered eventually.

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