Securing the internal files and recovering

There needs to be some sort of lock on the Analog Four/Keys, because literally anyone who turns it on has access to all your files. there needs to be a system where it requires you to put in a pin number using the sequence buttons or something along those lines in order to use the synth.

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Hardware synths aren’t like personal computers. I doubt you would ever see this type of security on a synth (unless it was some type of rPi based synth). You are better off to keep your studio under lock and key if you’re concerned about people accessing your projects without permission.

Also, the best you “might” see on a synth is per-project/patch delete protection. A system where you could toggle a lock on the project or patch that would prevent a person from inadvertently deleting them.

Since the +drive isn’t directly accessible from outside the synth there is no way for recovery (unless Elektron support knows some magic key combos to activate some secret tools on the synth which is quite unlikely).

I guess you are asking too much from a hardware synth. I have not seen a single one providing such a feature within 4 decades. If you really need that kind of protection your best bet for such a feature is a physical protection to turn it on in the first place or block the physical access to the synth completely (like a lockable cover).

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ok so it turns out I was looking at the wrong bank/sequence info in my laptop, so I was looking at the old sequences instead of the new sequences, but it was weird because… Well. hahaha I don’t know actually. I was just weird. I was screaming like my dad when I refused to get out of bed to do school work like hahaha wow such a bad thing.