See pattern name before switching to it?

Is there a way of seeing the pattern name before actually making the switch? If I am about to switch pattern it only says the pattern number, not the name of the “coming” pattern…

For example. I have 16 patterns in bank 9. All named after my tracks. Let’s say I want to play the pattern named “Clouds” next, but can’t remember what pattern number it had… Maybe it was number 14 or 15… Don’t feel like guessing!

I could, of course, go old school and write physical notes on a postit or something, but it would be great to see the Pattern names before making the actual switch…!

Appreciate any help or other tactics!

it will for now have to be other tactics i’m afraid as i don’t believe anything exactly like this exists on any of their boxes … unless it’s something that you can do in an OT arrangement or similar … but as i don’t even name patterns it’s not my area of knowledge to add much more than confirm it’s not doable as proposed

Settings -> Sysex Dump -> Sysex Send -> Patterns

With FUNC + Arrow Up/Down you can quickly scroll through the list.


Yes. Possible to write a name with Arranger REMarks, and switch to the following pattern.

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Now that’s a funky work around.

Hah! Yeah, now that’s a workaround!
Thanks for your creative ideas!
Hope elektron will add the feature where the “new” pattern name appear when choosing patterns. Until then I guess I will stick with my post-it!