See what sound packs are installed, A4?

I’ve bought myself a used Analog Four. Love it!
I can see that there are some additional sound packs already installed, but is there a way to tell WHAT sound packs?
I mean, so I know what to buy from the Elektron-site, without ending up with duplicates…


I don’t think there’s any way to do that…

On account that you’re only loading in the sounds in the pack.

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Probably easiest to ask original owner if possible, failing that, see if you can determine the size of the soundpacks and submit the first few names (and last few names) here for feedback

So if there were two 128 sound packs installed in bank B perhaps, it may be possible for someone to comment if you noted the patch names 1 2 3 and 254 255 256 for example

It’s also be worth your while trying to install all the free ones on an empty bank to see if any names match up

Overbridge might be helpful to document what’s on there. You could probably do a count, do a sysex backup, then factory reset and do another count and at least have an idea how many you’re dealing with.

There might be a way to get a text file list of before and after and then do a diff using a free diff tool like notepad++