Seeking recommendations for a DAWless setup with a Digitakt, Analogue Heat and Minilogue XD

Hi Elektronauts,

Coming back into music production after dabbling with it over ten years ago. At the time I had various gear feeding into a MOTU 828 mkii, which then went into Ableton.

Fast forward to 2019, I really don’t want to be staring at a screen, clicking a mouse. I want something light, expressive and versatile, but still have some power to improve the mix or treat the sound.

So I’m not a total noob, but I’m not familiar with the utility gear out there these days that could potentially open up my current equipment to some creative rigging.

So what i have currently is:

  1. A Digitakt for sampling, drum machine, sequencing, and control the midi of the:
  2. Minilogue XD
  3. Analogue Heat
  4. Also have an SH-101, the one thing I couldn’t sell from ten years ago!

Monitoring: Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

What i’d like to do
I’d like to be able to send the output of both the DT and MXD to the AH, and hear the result in my 1990s.

I’ve created a diagram to visualise how i think it’d work. Would I just need a little box/utility that can take a few stereo sources (DT, MXD), which then combine them into a single stereo out, which I plugin into the AH… I’d use the headphone jack of the AH to hear everything?

Could I even use my old MOTU 828mkii for that purpose?

The answer might be terribly obvious for many of you :slight_smile: Appreciate any help, pointers, ideas for utilities to help being DAWless.


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What about a small mixer of some sort?


Just get a cheap mixer, maybe something like the BEHRINGER XENYX Q502USB. Or if you wanted to go really portable there’s the myVolts mickXer.


So stoked, turns out the Motu 828 MKii actually works really well, at least to monitor the Minilogue XD and DT in stereo. I should be able to route them through the AH when that arrives. Not very portable but fine for now! Sounds very clean as well.


I’ve been trying to resist the Minilogue XD for months now, but every time I see one sitting next to a Digitakt I go checking prices.

Already said: get a mixer!

That’s great that you’re able to at least begin with what you already have.

Production-wise, do you intend to record, and if so, how?