Seems so simple but defeating me! Pattern copy and paste

So Im trying to write a song.

Ive got a series of 4 tracks together to form what I believe to be called a pattern - that seems to be what a pattern is - all the information on the sequencer etc.

So I set my song to play back my ‘pattern’ - A2 - is this what A2 is? A pattern?

So I obviously want the next song play back to be A3 - which will be like A2 but a variation.

Can I find how to copy A2 to A3? I can easily find how to copy a track - Function & REC = COPY.

But thats just one track at a time - not all the tracks and trig info.

I keep reading that PATTERNS are auto saved.

Copy pattern= PLAY MODE, [FUNCTION] + [REC]
Paste pattern = PLAY MODE, [FUNCTION] + [STOP] (repeat to undo)

You need to be in play mode not rec mode (red light off).

Make sure the REC led is off, and then FN + COPY / PASTE will work for patterns, when the REC led is on, it will work for the current track only. This is common to all Elektron boxes.

press bank key (hold)
select pattern to copy (hold)
press copy key (tap)
now (release) copy ‘from’ pattern trig
press (hold) copy ‘to’ pattern trig
press (and keep holding) paste key
ps fn not used this way
this allows you to copy on the fly ahead whilst staying in current pattern
if you just want to jump (or it’s not live impro) then don’t hold bank key down