Sell it

Thinking of selling my AK, P6 and maschine and TR 8.
This would leave me with OT and AR alone.
Love my P6 its just a beautiful thing soundwise and to behold.
AK too but im just struggling to dig the sound at the mo.
Maschine software has just become a pain in the cock.
Im usually very loathe to let gear go cos i think ill regret it but… anyone done this?? Advice???

Save your presets and whatnot, sell em.
You can always get those things again.

Ive done this kind of thing a lot, but after a while, I narrowed it down to just what I need for now and that hasn’t changed in a long while.
Been way more productive completing tracks.
Of course I always think about adding gear, swapping stuff out, or sliming down more. I’m just more reluctant to right now because I’m too busy with just what I have.


Yep. I’m planning to slim down considerably for this very reason.

There’s stuff I miss, like I really miss my slimPhatty for its sound.
However now I’m just debating alternative solutions to fill that need. One of those is spending more time the the A4 discovering sweet spots.
Eventually I buy something, probably an Erebus tho, simple smaller, only providing what I need there.

OT RYTM, is a sick combo.
I would really like to get down to that, add a couple more pedals and just rely on samples for synthesis.
Between the RYTM and OT, I get some really good synth results that tend to have a character about them which makes me wanna ditch the A4 sometimes.

I would keep OT + AR or OT + P6. One sampler, one synth is all you need really.

In fairness im totally 50/50 about the P6. Its pretty fucking awesome but id view it more as a players board than a programmers device. And i aint no player…but it sounds beautiful to my ears. Just seems wasted

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Is there a desktop version?

Yeah but if i get rid of it itll be to lose all the pomp and circumstance if you k lw what i mean. Im gonna fuck Ableton and the PC off altogether cos anything NI crashes it immediately and im fed up of spending valueable creative time shouting at 1’s and zeros and trobleshooting compatibility and why something that worked 2mins ago is now acting like a c**t for no obvious reason. Its why i bought hardware initally. But i have so much money and time invested in ableton and vst’s that i thought with OB id bring it all together. No such luck. OB doesnt seem to work for me and i just get frustrated with crashes and bullshit frankly.
So im looking to strip back and keep it minimal. Musically and gear wise.
AR and OT is more than enough to do what im after i just need something for pads. Maybe something cheapish and digital. Or … a Deepmind maybe. I dunno. Im in gear limbo!!!

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And i think if i got a desktop od go for an OB6. :)))

Dont sleep on those new Roland things.
I got the VP-03, it’s pretty great.
Malekko has some new stuff coming out too.

But maybe i shouldnt be gassing…!!!
I have used the OT to sequence Ipad synths previously so maybe i should just so that again for the digital edge…
Arghh!!! Im so indecisive!!