Send A4 separate channel on overbridge to a mixer?

Hi guys, i have a simple question,

i have an Analog 4 running trough my PC, Overbridge in Ableton and a mixer (Allen heath ZED24).

As we haven’t separate A4 outputs (i mean outside overbridge),
i wan’t to know if i can send every single A4 channel with Overbridge in ableton to a firewire/usb interface (as an RME fireface)
and then use the outputs on the interface to connect every single channel to four input on my mixer ?
i mean 4 jack out of the interface to my mixer so i can mix every single A4 voices.

I’m kind in the deal i want a keys for the outputs because i record everything live in the boxes with my mixer.

Thanks guys i have no interface and i can’t find an answer to this.

Sorry for my english :wink:

Easy … keep in mind that there’s a bandwidth cap with OB on A4, so you may have to juggle how you recover the fx or pan of a track (main outputs) as you’ll be working with dry mono feeds from the 4 tracks and 2 other tracks (if 24bit)

from there once the tracks are inside digitally it’s just a case of routing them to the outs of your interface, easy in something like Max, probably a piece of cake in any DAW … then you can treat the outs of your interface like a breakout for the voices as per AK

Some brave souls have soldered their own individual out jacks on the A4 as the PCB is ready to be tapped … see here


Thank you @avantronica !! I’m not in mod right now, because i have the warranty and don’t wanna break it ^^

Yes i don’t care about the FX’s as i prefer to handle them in the mixer with effect pedals.

If i can do this its ok for me as my laptop is only used for recording and soon send my A4 tracks to my mixer.

another question,
If my A4 tracks go to the laptop then back to the interface and straight to the mixer
and if
my analog rytm main output is connect directly on my mixer
both midi sync

-Do i have to handle latency (ms) response between A4 and AR on my main mixer outputs ?

I think it depend on the interface speed itself ?

Absolutely - when i’d done something broadly similar - I was routing the A4/R via USB cable only through the mac to my MOTU and it was feeding the speakers etc

There was next to no noticeable latency for me, only a few ms and not enough to throw me off whilst playing in, I didn’t even discern anything tbh (<5ms) … I’ve seen others report latency under 2ms and many who seem to suffer with 30ms or so

It depends on your setup and settings whether you’ll notice the difference between them both

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would you not need to account for the latency overbridge will add though before piped back to the interface.

@avantronica Ok thanks, as i only play live if the latency is not noticeable its ok so :wink: thanks a lot for your answer!

@Rokki21 Yes i was thinking of that too but apparently with a very good interface (like RME etc.) it seems they’r is no latency (or very low and not audible latency).

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I might be wrong on this one but, The latency will come from overbridge before it’s routed back to the RME. Haven’t used OB for a while but it was adding 30ms latency when I did.

It would be this delayed signal you would route to the RME and onto you mixer and would be delayed compared to the AR if the two are midi synced.

@Rokki21 I was thinking that too, do you have a RME or similar interface?

I have a komplete audio 6 its cheap noisy and has like 50ms in ableton, i don;t use it anymore just to get my laptop sound on my monitoring speaker.

So i need a good interface that cancel the latency and has ‘‘physical’’ outputs to route the Analog four overbridge tracks (physically) back in the mixer.

My wallet disappprove that ^^

It won’t matter what interface you have. It won’t be the interface which is the problem.

When you add A4 overbridge that itself will add latency to your Ableton project. So you’ll have say the 4 channels split out in live and you can route these to your interface.

An interface which can handle low latency will route these channels out with less latency, however the channels will already have 30ms latency as a starting point as you tap the output from overbridge.

When you combine these channels with AR there will be a delay.

A solution would be to route AR through overbridge as well then to your mixer but not sure what other gear you have and how sluggish hands on tweaking would be on the units.

By the way I have a MOTU 16A and Octopre. I get 3ms round trip latency so routing signals in and out through Live is more of less imperceptible but I don’t use overbridge.

Ok so i’va to figure that out. Thanks

At least i can split both main output of the analog four to my mixer

so i have 2x2 tracks of the analog four to my mixer but i can’t use pan on LFO’s anymore.