Send audio from daw into analog four and back for effects proces

hello there,

i want to send audio from my daw via overbridge into the analog four to apply effects processing and then send it back.
how to do so because analog four is not showing up as an ouput in ableton.
the ins and outs are activated in the elektron overbridge app


I would also like help on this please? Has anyone managed to get this working either via A4 or via RYTM?



Me toooo…

Looking at the VST inputs in Usine, I don’t see an audio input. So I’m guessing the answer is no. But following this thread with great interest.

This feature is not available in the 1.0 release.

So it will be in 1.10 ? How do you know that for a fact?

just watched the new promotion vid on youtube and its deffo in the coming update.

Wooot !!, damm i love this machines :slight_smile: Cant wait for it. And now its soo close.I had a watch of the promotional vid aswell. The proabability trigs alone are soo cool. And retriggering recording - niiiice.

You can already do this with the current version of overbridge. The update will just make things a lot easier as you can route through the overbridge plugin itself.

To do it you need to have the Analog Rytm/A4 set as your DAW’s audio interface. Then you open overbridge control panel and in the “output to” Analog Rytm/A4 section you need to enable one or more of the tracks (eg. Bassdrum).Then enable the main L & R in both the “input to” and “input from” sections of the OB control panel.

Now if you go to your DAW you will be able to route audio to the track(s) that you enabled in the OB control panel by choosing it as your output on the desired track in your DAW.

Make sure to place triggers on the track you are sending DAW audio to as you wont hear anything if you don’t trigger the envelope in the rytm/A4.

Hope this helps!