Send clock to Rytm via OT Thru?


I’ve got my OT set up so that it is using the Midi out to sequence a Virus TI, and the OT’s Midi In is connected to the Virus Midi out so that I can play notes on the OT via the Virus Keybed.

However I now want to include the Rytm in the set up, by ideally, sending clock and transport via the OT’s Midi Thru - is this possible? Can’t figure out how to do so, if it is possible.

If it’s not possible, how would you guys suggest I could sequence the virus, and receive notes from the Keybed, but also sync and send transport to the Rytm?

Many thanks!

I got rytm a few days ago so i wondered the same thing. The ot thru does not send clock. So i made a chain instead. My OT sends from midi out to Ar, and AR sends from midi thru to a third synth (not a Virus).
And this way, everything is indeed in sync.

If this isn’t good enough for you, you could buy a iconnectmidi2+ (or4+) so you can send directly to both from the midi out of the OT.

Thanks, MiniDX - I actually had it set up like this before but it wasn’t working (due to a setting I now realised, having learnt the machine more, was set incorrectly) so will try this now! Appreciate the response

Worked perfectly! Thanks again, MiniDX!

Love this forum, makes a refreshingly positive change from so many others online!

Well done guys!