Send Digitakt SPP while running?

Is it possible to send a song position pointer message to the Digitakt while it is running to make it jump around in the sequence?

I am able to use Max to send, for example, the simple message “242 0 0” to a MIDI out object to another hardware sequencer (Akai MPD232) and the sequencer jumps to its first step even while running. I would like to emulate the same thing with the Digitakt. My Digitakt is currently responding to MIDI transport messages for start/stop from Max, so I know I can get some MIDI transport messages working.


No, it’s not possible.
The Digitakt only recognises ‘Midi Clock’ messages(clock, start, continue, stop).

The only “trick” you can do is jump to the beginning of a pattern by sending start mid-pattern.

Thanks for the confirmation and mentioning the start trick.

Even just sending a start message is something to work with so I could re-sync patterns from multiple sources and with different lengths that have intentionally gotten out of phase with each other.

Also SPP is only send after a Stop message. So it won’t be send while running.

But i have “CLOCK” for this feature. LOOK and here CLOCK 1.51 Ableton Midiclock

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As noted in the original post, some manufacturers do let the gear respond to SPP while the gear’s internal sequencer is running. I should note that while my example above referencing my Akai MPD232 used “242 0 0” for jump to the beginning, I can also send it messages that will jump to arbitrary steps. Maybe this is not what the standard intended, but it does work for interesting results!

Thanks for the tip on CLOCK.

CLOCK looks like a great solution.
The guys at Ableton should take notes.