Send pattern and bank change from ableton to machinedrum


First tahnks for the future answer.

I would send pattern and bank change from ableton to machinedrum.Somebody know how to make it? or where is this infromation?



You can use MIDI notes to trigger and stop single sounds or patterns.

In the Global Menu choose a slot and select CONTROL -> BASE CHANNEL.
Choose the range of MIDI channels the MD will be listening to.
By default it should be 1-4 meaning that the MD will only listen to MIDI channels 1 through 4.
Press the EXIT button and choose MAP EDITOR.
Here you can assign tracks and patterns to incoming MIDI notes.
More information is in the manual on p.58 ff and APPENDIX B. You’re welcome.:slight_smile:

In Ableton you could place out some notes in a clip or use an External Instrument, send MIDI on one of the channels 1-4 and play the MD through a MIDI controller which can be quite fun.


Maybe off topic, but there is some ABleton and some MD.