Sending 2 sets of Midi Inputs to Elektron Octatrack

Hi Guys,

I’m just drawing up a layout of my home studio setup and I seem to be having an issue with the Midi in for the Octatrack. At the minute I have the clock coming from the Usamo to the midi in on the octatrack for no jittery midi signal and a steady clock. The problem I have here is that I only have one input and I also want to controll the Octatrack with the Faderfox MX12. I’m not sure if there is any type of midi box out there that can solve this issue. It’s basically I need to 2 sets of midi input signals into the Octatrack.

Thought I would see if anyone out there has some answers, it seems simple enough probably I am missing something stupid.

I’ve put an image below to help show my setup.


I got from a midi thru (one midi in -> copies)
and a midi merge (multiple ins, 2 outs).

They are quite pricey, but worth the money.

You’ll need a midi merger. Check Midi Solutions and Kenton, or search eBay for a midi patchbay - Akai and Kawai ones are reasonably cheap and you won’t outgrow them (for a while…) if/when your setup grows.

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Cheers for the reply, so I guess something like this - Kenton MIDI Merge – Musikhaus Thomann with both midi ins coming from the Usamo and MX12 and then the output into the Octatrack?

As an aside: your set-up seems pretty small. The OT clock is fairly stable. Is the Usamo necessary?

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I do a lot of sequencing from inside Ableton and sent to the modular, so having the OT slaved and in time is a big thing for me

Ableton’s clock is the weak point there. If you clock and transport from the OT, is that not tight enough?

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Yeah Ableton’s clock is shit, hence the Usamo, but I don’t really want to use Ableton slaved to the OT because that opens up a whole set of worms. Ableton is awful when it’s slaved. I like the idea of hitting the space bar and everything running in time.


Makes sense. Thanks for indulging ny “aside”.

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… as does having the OT follow clock, especially if you (try to) use pickup machines e.g. ! ymmv

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Your Faderfox MX12 has built-in MIDI merge functionality, so you don’t need to buy any additional hardware.

Connect the USAMO MIDI Out to the MIDI In of the MX12 and the MIDI Out of the MX12 to the MIDI In of the OT. Then set the MX12’s Routing options appropriately in its Setup mode.