Sending a clock to the "audio in" of RYTM?

Just curious if the RYTM can follow an analog clock source that is patched into the audio input jack, similar to the way that many eurorack modules do / can. I searched the board first, then took a look at both the manual and the GLOBAL settings and couldn’t find it in there… so I’m assuming i’ll have to get the clock into it over USB or MIDI.

…but since there are a bunch of techno wizards around here, i thought i might as well ask in case someone else has the same question or managed to “rig it up” in such a way as to make this possible.

i’m sure the USB clock is quite accurate, but i think an audio clock would be absolutely dead-on so i would prefer to use that (essentially going from Bitwig to an ES-3 and then out to the RYTM). doubt this matters, but i have an MK1 on firmware 1.61E

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not possible, there’s no support for anything like that (although you could use a rytm to ‘cv’ clock a volca via audio pulses e.g.)

it’s a shame that there’s no support for slower analog clock

thanks for the lightning-fast reply.

maybe the boys in Stockholm can implement that somehow in a future firmware release if it is indeed possible to do… i know that the RYTM functions at line-level and Eurorack functions at a louder level, but i already have a module that converts Eurorack signals down to line level (the BoredBrain Xchangr), so it would be nice to have it as an option.

since the audio input on the RYTM is a single TRS jack, the RING could control the transport functions of play/stop/reset and the TIP could listen for / follow the clock signal (or vice-versa, if it needs to be the other way around)

looks like i will now have to sift through my “rat’s nest” milk crate full of cables and try to find a 10ft USB A-to-B cord… which i am sure i already have somewhere in the house… its just a matter of finding the noodle in the haystack, so to speak. :woozy_face:

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It does not accept analog clock, you’d need some sort of master clock to connect it all together

So something like DAW audio signal -> Innerclock Sync Gen 3DLX (E-RM Multiclock or similar) -> MIDI to Rytm / analog clock to modular.

Alternately, use the Rytm to send an individual channel out to sync your modular master clock to, depending on what you have already.

If you had anything that sent DIN sync (and a properly wired cable), that could also be an option.

i don’t expect to see this happening (you’d have to make a

i really wish they’d offer the option to clock divide their DIN-Sync rate down to the order of the rate of steps, all a user would need would be a reverse dongle from DIN 5/180 to 3.5mm to keep non midi devices in sync with the often unused Thru Port(configured as analog ) … i also don’t see this happening, even though it’s significantly simpler to do

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methinks it’s “irony time”…

so the Analog RYTM cant follow an analog rhythm. got it. lol

you hear that, Elektron?

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The king is no slave.

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huh? was that an attempt at a joke?

you can have it follow the clock on USB or MIDI, so the “king” you’re referring to can indeed also be a slave…

Just a joke.

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I just send DIN SYNC out to my eurorack. Works great.

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ok so if i want Bitwig to be my master clock, and RYTM to follow that as a slave over USB, can I essentially “forward” those same clock pulses THROUGH the RYTM and into the Eurorack? i know i can send a clock pulse directly from one of the eight ES-3 outputs into the eurorack and it will be almost as solid as a nuclear clock in terms of sync…

just want to know if i can also have the RYTM forward the clock out to the Eurorack and have it still be in “rock solid” time with the clock in the DAW

Rytm’s clock is fine for me. You could use the midi thru, that would just forward the clock that is coming in, from your daw for example or you could use an impulse machine that sends triggers, if you wanted to sync a sequencer that advances with each step to the Rytm for example. Start, stop, reset depending on the sequencer might be a bit of a hassle, but could be done by dedicating another track with an impulse machine to it and work with trig conditions.

I found that Overbridge works great as a clock source if one wanted to sync to a daw. Connect Rytm via usb and set up Overbridge to send clock and transport. Chain your gear from the Rytms midi through.

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+1 for that as well.
I send DIN SYNC out via an ALM adapter to my Metropolix and divide from there. Rytm has very solid clock.
Depending on your CPU settup, you can have very good or very bad clock over MIDI. I use a Expert Sleepers USAMO in my settup to obliterate any jitter. It’s a bit of a faf to get settup, but very very stable.

The Rytm paired with Overbridge is a deadly piece of gear for making noise in my studio (as well as live duties)

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You’d be better off still using the ES-3 in parallel.

When trying for a tighter sync you don’t want a chain in serial necessarily.

For fun, try A/B-ing?