Sending Midi cc to Octatrack not smooth

I’m trying to use Octatrack midi control max4live patch in ableton to control the Octatrack.
But when I try to automate the volume it’s notched and jumps between values instead of smooth…

I’ve had the same issue when trying to automate my minilogue before I had overbridge
and never did figure out why,
Anyone know how to fix this or what could be the cause?

Fixed by setting buffer to 512 instead of 128 can’t seem to handle it on low buffer settings for whatever reason… still not perfect

Not the same purpose, but the crossfader controlled by midi seems to smooth parameter values really well.

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Sending a smooth series of MIDI CCs is very timing sensitive, because each single message needs to be sent exactly in time. Whenever the messages cannot be sent in time and gets queued up it will result in jumps, because the receiving device will get multiple messages at once and not spread across the necessary time interval for a smooth impression.

That’s quite different to how audio is handled. With audio you can control how much data can be handled by the hardware itself by simply increasing the audio buffer size. For MIDI the software needs to handle each message on its own exactly in time. Of course there is also a MIDI message buffer involved, but normally you don’t want messages to get queued up there.

Increasing the audio buffer reduces the “pressure” from the audio interrupts, so the MIDI interrupt handling stays more stable.


Did not know this… overbridge with A4 and AR seems to work well with no steps
but trying to automate the Octatrack is not so great,
I might take a different approach automate by hand the OT parts
It’s improved a lot at 512 still not really perfect