Sending Patterns to computer?


I am having Digitone & mac.

With Transfer can I sysex-send Pattern from project X to computer and then send it back to Digitone to another project Y?

I can do it in Logic for example: MIDI record a pattern-Sysex from Digi, switch project from X to Y and play it back and then I have it.

Somehow Transfer is a little mystery to me. Or is it limited? Pattern is something that It can’t handle, or can it? To me this is shame because it’s really a Patterns which I like to copy from project to another or save on the computer…

I don’t think it can do patterns , just projects and sounds

Have you tried copy pattern , load up new project , paste pattern … on device ?

Thx @re5et !

I haven’t but that might work. Anyway it seems quite laborious if you have more than one pattern.

To me this a big suprise that Transfer is this way limited. Didn’t they (developers) ever think that someone might want to backup and transfer patterns too?? To me pattern is a basic unit cause it has all those 4 sounds and FXs and sequences. A existing pattern in project X can simply be a starting point for a new song in project Y for example. Another stupid thing is that for example Digitone CAN sysex send patterns so why Transfer cannot handle them?

Is it same with Analog Four’s Kits that Transfer do not handle them? Only sounds and projects?

I’m sure transfer will develop further ,

what other synths software would allow backup but also ability to dig into each pattern on projects and manipulate them ? … that isn’t a daw ?

I haven’t seen it in Novation, moog, Roland , behringer , polyend, etc etc.

But I do hope for easier backup and editing of projects , kits , sounds , patterns etc … but till that appears I just get on with what is available now. Some of which is in overbridge

Still I am a bit amazed that our current Transfer cannot handle simple sysex load-send procedure (for kits and patterns). And now when C6 does not work anymore I need to use Logic for that. Drag and drop style librarian would be great of course but even old style sysex load-send would be better than nothing.