Sending start/stop to external gear

Hi here!

Id like to start saying that I am pretty new to hardware gear so I’m sorry as this is probably a dumb question.

I am currently trying to send midi start/stop from my OT to my other gear but I can’t seen to make it work. The BPM is being sent correctly but not start/stop. I’ve looked through the manual and googled a lot but as I said I’m still figuring out hardware and how MIDI works so I could not find the answer to this.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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You’ll need Octa set to send transport and your other devices set to receive transport.

For Octa to send hit PROJ, select MIDI, select SYNC and make sure that under TRANSP there is an X in the box next to SYNC.

You’ll have to consult the manuals for your other gear to make sure that they’re set up to receive transport. Should be easy.


Thanks, managed to figure it out

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