Separate: Marketplace into buy, sell, trade

Hello Elektronaut – First off all I would like to thanks for putting up this forum. I have been looking much forward for this.

I just had an idea, which I want to share:
An experience we did on “Elektron-users” was the fact the forum became a mess when we had the entire “Elektron gear” as one category.

I have experience the same “mess” on other forums with their “market category” and especially when people is “bumping” their topic, therefore I think it would be a good idea to separate the market into 3 categories.

Kind regards

Thanks for the feedback! These are valid points and we will definitely consider your input!

… And now we have separate categories for sell, buy, and trade. Thanks for the input teevee!

Thanks, thats what i call fast action :slight_smile:

I’d actually say having a “Trade” section is a bit daft imho.

  • For Sale/Trade
  • Want To Buy

Makes a lot more sense to me. My 2c of course.

Might want to consider renaming the categories.

Right now if I’m thinking about buying something I need to browse the ‘Sell’ category, which feels a little backward.

Something like ‘For sale’ and ‘Wanted to buy’ could be clearer for posters and readers.

I’m not so sure about this. Now I have to have 3 tabs open to read what’s going on. Why not just allow filter on FT, FS, WTB?

A sorting mechanism and one single forum would be best, I agree - but atm that kind of functionality hasn’t been implemented. For clarity I think having three separate forums is the best current solution.